Priprema za takmičenje – Articles

Svojim đacima uvek kažem da su članovi uvek „najčupaviji“, nikada niste načisto da nećete da pogrešite. Naravno, postoje pravila ali i sijaset izuzetaka. Računam da osnove znate, pa evo samo malog podsetnika:


-By car, by bus, by train, by plane, on foot, by bicycle…

-Go to bed, go to school, go to work, go to town…

-At home, at school, at work…

-After lunch, have breakfast…

-Months of the year: April, October…..

-Names of the countries:England,France,Greece     BUT    The United States  ,  The United Kingdom…

-Seasons-  I like winter best.  BUT    – The winter of  1976 was very cold.

-Street Names – Fifth Avenue…


–          Ordinal numbers : the first, the second, the third,….the tenth…… the twentieth….

–          Superlatives: the biggest river,    the tallest boy,  the most interesting book…..

–          The names of the rivers:   The Nisava, the Thames,  theNile……

–          Unique –one and only in the world:  The Moon, the Sun, the Earth, the sky, the world.

–          The names of the cinemas: the Odeon, the Sava  centar

–          Historic buildings: The Eiffel Tower, , The Tower bridge…..

–          The names of the newspapers; the Times, the Novosti, the Lisa

–          The names of the museums: The British museum, the National gallery….

–          The family names- represent the whole family; the Atkins, the Smiths, the Fords

–          The names of the musical instruments: the piano, the guitar, the violin…


I       ARTICLES           A,   AN,   THE,   /

  1. There is _____ car in the street.    ___ car is red and very big.
  2. Give me _____pencil.     Give me _____pencil with a blue eraser on the top.
  3. May I have ____apple and _____glass of____ water.
  4. ___ apple I ate was very tasty.    
  5. Do you like _______cheese?  No, I don’t but I like ____milk.
  6. Does your sister like ____chocolate?
  7. _____ milk is white.
  8. _____ cows are_____ animals.
  9. ______cheese we ate yesterday was very good
  10. ______milk in ____ fridge is fresh.
  11. ______lunch is at one o’clock.           ____lunch on Sunday was at 4 o’clock.
  12. _____breakfast is very important.    
  13. I have ______ dinner at home but my brother always goes out.


  1. _______spring is my favourite season. Then I usually  don’t go to ____school by____bus . I go ____foot instead. I like ____April best. ____trees are green again and you can smell___flowers.
  2. ____people in ____England and ____United States talk ____English.
  3. ____Danubeis ____longest river in ____Europe.
  4. During the day ____Sun is shining in ____sky and at night _____Moon comes out.
  5. ____Browns are very funny family. They like many things. They like__ museums, especially____  British museum but they also like _______football, and ___ rock music. ___ oldest son plays_____  violin and ____ youngest plays ____guitar. ____Browns like to watch____movies and they often go to  ____cinema, usually ____Odeon. Every day Mr____Brown buys _____Times, ____ only newspaper ____ family really likes to read.
(rešenja ćete naći u komentaru ispod članka)




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  1. Jelena
    mar 20, 2012 @ 20:35:12

    ovaj sajt je super


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