Challenges 2 – Module 2 – priprema za test

1. Jobs – follow the links and choose the right word for each picture. There are some new jobs, don’t be afraid to try to guess them.

2. Expressions with have –  before you do the exercise, study the expressions and their translation

  • have breakfast – doručkovati
  • have lunch – ručati
  • have dinner– večerati
  • have a snack – užinati
  • have a drink  – popiti piće
  • have a swim – plivati
  • have a bath – kupati se
  • have a shower – tuširati se
  • have a ride – ( ina a car, on a motorbike) voziti se; (on a horse, on an elephant- jahati)
  • have fun – zabaviti se
  • have a good time – dobro se provesti
  • have a problem – imati problem

3.  At the restaurant

4. And, but, so, because

5. The Present Simple and The Present Continuous Tense


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