Never ever give up

There have been a lot of hard feelings concerning the national competition of primary school English learners for many years. This year was no exception. A lot of students felt that they were treated unfairly and that they wasted their time and energy preparing for the competition. But , dear competitors, don’t despair. I’m sure that one day your effort will be reworded.  In the end, you learn not to get diplomas but to prepare yourselves for better future. In order to do that, you should gain knowledge and experience, especially the experience of dealing with unpleasant situations.




Kristina, an energetic and enterprising parent, who has done a lot to help initiating some necessary changes in the whole process of organizing the English language competition, sent me this wonderful picture.

I do sometimes feel like this frog but I never ever give up!

What about you?

Republičko takmičenje 2012 – grammar part 1

This is not the whole test but I think you can use some more practice before the big day on Saturday.

republicko 2012 grammar part 1

Have fun!

Republičko takmičenje 2012 – reading comprehension

I’m sure you already know what you should do.

So…have fun!

Just one more week to go!

republicko 2012 reading text  republicko 2012 reading questions

Republičko takmičenje 2012 – listening comprehension

Listen to all three vokis and then choose the best answer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Now download the questions and choose the best answers. You can also take a look at the text but let it be after you finish the test questions.  If you want the key, leave a comment :).

Have fun!

Republičko takmičenje 2012 – listening comprehension questions

Republičko takmičenje 2012 – listening comprehension text

Republičko takmičenje 2009

         Pred vama je test (nažalost samo gramatički deo) sa republičkog takmičenja iz 2009. godine. Test sam prekucala sa originala ali sam izmenila jednu reč u vežbanju B.  Naime, umesto „who“  koja se nalazi u originalu, u ovom testu je „which“ jer se relativna zamenica odnosi na „wild animals“.  Na par mesta imala sam nedoumicu šta da napišem u ključu kao tačno rešenje, jer su, čini mi se, moguća dva odgovora. ( A: 4 ;  B: 5).

Inače, test  je  poprilično lak. Šta vi mislite?

republicko grammar 2009

republicko 2009 key

Test iz 2011  naći ćete kod koleginice Biljane.

And at last but not the least  I wish you all

Happy Easter Glitter