The Present Simple or Continuous Verb Game

Complete the sentences with the right verb in the Present Simple or the Present Continuous form and escape the hangman. The verb is not given, you have to guess it. Don’t give up easily.

Have fun!



Can I have an ice cream, please?


Follow the link and watch the dialogue between Amy and Rob. Try to write down what they are saying. Note that the dialogue is a bit different from that one in your books. I’m sure you can do it!

Have fun!

The Present Simple Tense – verb „to be“

Glagol – TO BE (biti) i u engleskom jeziku kao i u srpskom ima svoje oblike za sadašnje vreme i ponaša se drugačije od ostalih glagola . I u srpskom jeziku nećete reći-“ Ja biti Marko, a on biti Petar.“ već morate da upotrebite odgovarajuće oblike.

Ako pogledate tablelu, videćete da  glagol „to be“ ima samo tri oblika u prezentu i to:  AM, IS, i ARE.

  •  I am from Serbia.    
  • My friend Anna is very pretty.
  • We are at home.

Moguće je skratiti glagole na sledeći način:  Više

Months of the year song

Click on the picture to listen to the song.

Days of the week song

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On the Farm

  Praznine popunite  množinom  životinja prikazanih na slici ali pažljivo jer neke imenice grade množinu nepravilno. Ako imate nedomice, rešenja ćete naći na kraju članka.


 My parents and I  live on a farm.  It is quite big and there are many animals on it. We’ve got twenty – two   …………..……….. and sixty-five ……………..…….. .   The   ……………..…….. are really Više